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Nujira Demonstrates Multi-Channel High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier Operation

30 January 2007
Nujira’s HAT™ Technology and Evaluation Platform Enables Simultaneous Support of Three WCDMA Carriers

30 January, 2007, Cambridge, UK – Nujira, the company leading the development of advanced high efficiency power amplifier technology for the wireless industry, today announced the successful demonstration of ultra-high efficiency RF Power Amplifier (PA) operation with three simultaneous full-bandwidth WCDMA carriers.

“This demonstration is an industry first and a major milestone in the development of next generation high efficiency PAs,” stated Gerard Wimpenny, CTO of Nujira. “Our ability to support three WCDMA carriers while achieving power efficiencies approaching 50% is unmatched by any other technology vendor, and we are continuing to push the bandwidth and efficiency envelope. The progress Nujira has made with this technically challenging, but incredibly useful and necessary technology, further establishes Nujira as a technology and market leader.”


The demonstration was performed using the latest release of Nujira’s HAT™ Evaluation Platform which is currently being used by major OEMs for evaluation of the HAT technology. The Platform consists of a baseband module which replicates the traditional DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion) and lineariser components of a typical PA, plus an RF module consisting of an example PA using a standard LDMOS device, and Nujira’s HAT Modulator. Using the HAT Evaluation Platform, Nujira has been able to demonstrate operation with 1, 2 or 3 WCDMA channels, including dynamic channel reconfiguration and switching between 1, 2 and 3 channels. Nujira’s HAT Evaluation Platform is supplied with comprehensive PC-based waveform creation, waveform capture and control software which allows customers to evaluate the performance of a HAT-enabled PA under different operating conditions.


Wimpenny added, “The high power consumption and the environmental impact of current 3G networks is a serious cause of concern for all operators, with many now setting hard performance targets for their networks. Nujira continues to make significant progress in enabling more efficient 3G/WiMAX basestations and DVB systems, and we expect Nujira will play a key role in helping operators meet these targets.”



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Nujira is the leading supplier of high efficiency power amplifier technology and related intellectual property for the wireless communications industry. Nujira’s patented high power High Accuracy Tracking (HAT™) Modulators for WCDMA, CDMA2000, DVB and WiMAX power amplifiers enable infrastructure OEMs to design more power-efficient, smaller, and cheaper base stations to meet the increasingly demanding needs of operators worldwide. For more information, visit


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