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Antenova Announces Availability of GPS RADIONOVA® M10214-K1 Evaluation Kits

14 January 2008
M10214-K1 Evaluations Kits provide users a complete GPS system to develop a GPS enabled mobile device

Cambridge, UK, January 14, 2008 --- Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced the availability of GPS RADIONOVA M10214-K1 Evaluation Kits. Including the M10214-A1 RF Antenna Module, the world’s smallest RF antenna module incorporating a SiRFstarIII GPS chipset and optimized with Antenova’s high efficiency complementary GPS antenna, the M10214-K1 Evaluation Kit provides designers and developers a complete GPS solution in a box for the development of GPS enabled devices.

"Location is rapidly becoming a pervasive application in mobile devices, even outside of the traditional personal navigation devices," stated Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. "The small size and high performance of Antenova’s GPS RF antenna modules in varying orientations make it an ideal solution for embedding GPS functionality into a variety of mobile applications, including mobile phones, PDAs, portable media players (PMPs), trackers, personal safety devices and a multitude of other location aware devices. The M10214-K1 Evaluation Kit is an attractive product as it enables customers to actually develop a complete working GPS solution and allows them to become more experienced with the benefits of the RF antenna modules earlier in the design cycle. Because the M10214-A1 RF Antenna Module is the smallest single package GPS system solution to combine SiRF’s GSC3LTf GPS receiver IC and requires no customization, we’re experiencing tremendous demand for the modules, particularly from companies looking to shorten design cycles and/or with little or no RF resource. "

The GPS RADIONOVA M10214-K1 Evaluation Kits is a complete GPS solution in a box and consists of two M10214-A1 RF Antenna Modules, one test board, a USB cable, User Guide and CD-ROM with further documentation. The Evaluation Kit provides users with the hardware and proper procedures to evaluate the M10214-A1 GPS RF Antenna Module performance. And when used with the free downloadable SiRFDemo software from the SiRF website, it enables users to run the GPS receiver in real-time to collect data for further analysis.

McCray added, "There has been overwhelming demand for the Evaluation Kits from our sales channel. The increasing interest and support of Antenova’s products continue to demonstrate our leadership in providing customers the broadest range of high performing antennas and RF solutions for mobile and consumer electronic devices."

The GPS RADIONOVA M10214-K1 Evaluation Kits are available worldwide. For pricing and availability, please contact the following Antenova distributors and agents:

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UK & Europe

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