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Cordic’s Mobile Data Despatch Systems Promote Eco-Friendly Fleet Management

03 August 2009
Announces cPAQ Taxi Despatch System Enables Customers to Earn Green Credentials

Cambridge, UK, August 3, 2009 --- Cordic Ltd, the leading provider of software and system solutions for the taxi, private hire and courier industries, announced today that its market leading mobile data despatch systems with GPS enabled terminals promote eco-friendly fleet management solutions. Cordic further announced its market leading cPAQ Taxi Despatch System offers many features that enable their environmentally conscious customers to earn ‘green credentials’ and increase their revenue potential.

“There is growing interest within the taxi and private hire industry to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more eco-friendly fleets,” stated Fara Arani, Commercial Director of Cordic. “cPAQ’s intelligent despatch system enables operators to reduce dead mileage – the non-paid miles - by efficiently allocating the closest vehicle to the pick up location and automatically choosing the optimum route to the pick up point and drop off destination. This reduction in mileage results in less fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions.


Arani added, “cPAQ is the only taxi despatch system on the market that allows operators to track and report their CO2 emissions by vehicle, which is an attractive feature for fleet operators wanting to earn their green credentials. With many corporations and government offices taking a more environmentally conscious ‘green’ position, cPAQ customers have also been able to capitalise on their green credentials and win more account customers. A popular feature is that cPAQ supports ride sharing by automatically working out the optimum pick up and/or drop off order and even automatically course corrects during the journey if a pick up or drop off is added or removed.”


cPAQ is the ultimate taxi despatch system designed specifically for the taxi and private hire industry. cPAQ is a highly intelligent and feature rich system that is customised to meet each customers’ needs and supported by Cordic’s unrivalled customer service and 24/7 technical support. cPAQ can track CO2 emissions on dead mileage and passenger/paid mileage utilising the in-vehicle GPS terminals and the vehicle’s manufacturer’s CO2 emission specification. And with the addition of cPAQ’s accounting PRO package, operators can report the CO2 emissions by dead mileage, paid mileage and/or total mileage on account customers’ invoices as required.



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Formed in 2002, Cordic Ltd develops and markets state-of-the-art fleet management solutions including mobile data despatch systems targeted at the Taxi, Private Hire and Courier Service sectors. Cordic’s core products operate over public GPRS (General Packet Radio System) networks and incorporate leading edge wireless and interactive voice response (IVR) technologies to provide reliability, flexibility and scalability while providing the most cost effective solution and best user experience. Having introduced the world’s first GPRS based mobile data despatch system, Cordic is the largest, most proven provider of GPRS based Taxi Despatch Systems in the world today. Cordic has teamed up with wireless operators, hardware manufacturers and software vendors and has strategic alliances with Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, BT and HP. For more information, visit