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Antenova’s Antennas and M10214 GPS RADIONOVA® Selected by Quantum

16 September 2009
Antenova Provides Always-On Connectivity for Quantum’s Stylish VideoTouch Family of Multimedia Devices

Cambridge, UK, September 16, 2009 --- Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced its antennas and M10214 GPS RADIONOVA® RF Antenna Modules have been selected by Quantum, a leading mobile TV industry player. Antenova’s Wi-Fi and HSDPA antennas along with the M10214 GPS RF Antenna Modules provide Quantum’s iconic handheld multimedia devices with always-on, anywhere and anytime connectivity.

“Antenova’s high performing embedded antennas and GPS RF antenna modules were the ideal choice for our VideoTouch range of stylish personal media players, which are marketed worldwide by Motorola under its product name DH02,” stated Stefano Martini, CEO of Quantum. “The M10214 GPS RF antenna module provides accurate and reliable performance, regardless of the device orientation, which is a huge advantage for our dual-orientation VideoTouch devices that can switch between landscape and portrait orientations depending on the application. And the small size, low profile and ground plane independence of the M10214 enabled our design team to quickly and easily add GPS functionality without affecting the existing sleek form factor.”


 “Reliable and efficient performance are essential in ensuring the best user experience,” stated Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. “Antenova’s Rufa 2.4 GHz SMD antenna from our market proven gigaNOVA range provides robust Wi-Fi connectivity - enabling VideoTouch users to browse and surf the internet at the touch of a finger. Antenova’s GPS RADIONOVA RF antenna modules provide fast and accurate location data for the real time navigation application. And in models with Antenova’s custom HSDPA antennas, VideoTouch users can fully enjoy the location based TV and interactive services available from their mobile network providers.”


McCray added, “Antenova is committed to providing customers the broadest range of high performing, small size and low profile antennas and RF solutions that accelerate development and enable device manufacturers to differentiate their devices without sacrificing performance. We continue to innovate to address the ever expanding converged device market, and we are proud that innovative device makers like Quantum continue to benefit from Antenova’s extensive range of industry leading antenna solutions.



About Antenova

Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of integrated antennas and RF solutions for wireless communication and consumer electronic devices. Through its customers and licensee partners, Antenova’s high performance High Dielectric Antenna (HDA®), DATANOVA® multi-band mobile broadband and gigaNOVA® standard antennas, along with its industry leading RADIONOVA® RF Antenna modules enable some of the most advanced wireless devices, smartphones, feature phones and wireless notebook computers around the world. Antenova’s integrated antennas and RF solutions are ideally suited for an extensive range of applications, including GSM and CDMA, 3G, GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth®, WiMAX, WiBro and ZigBee®.  For further information, please visit


About Quantum

Quantum, a Motorola Venture company, is a private company headquartered in Milan, Italy, that develops innovative multimedia devices and software for the mobile entertainment market. It has a wide product range that enables service providers and broadcasters to securely deliver the ultimate mobile TV and video experience to consumers anytime, anywhere seamlessly. For more information, please visit