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Antenova Targets Its New A10415 GPS Antenna as Ceramic Patch Antenna Replacement

25 January 2011
Announces Acuta A10415 GPS Antenna Enables Thinner Devices without Sacrificing Performance

Cambridge, UK – 25 January, 2011– Antenova Ltd., the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced the release of Acuta A10415 GPS Antenna, a standard GPS antenna intended to replace the ceramic patch antenna in embedded GPS applications. Antenova further announced the high performing A10415 enables substantially thinner devices, without sacrificing performance, than the typical industry standard 12x12mm2 ceramic patch antenna.

Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova said, “The ceramic patch antenna has been the industry standard in traditional GPS devices. However, with the proliferation of embedded GPS capability in significantly thinner portable and mobile devices there is a real market need for a thinner standard GPS antenna with the performance and mechanical characteristics of a ceramic patch antenna. As a standard off-the-shelf antenna, Acuta can be used in different devices without any physical modification and is easily tuned with a simple matching circuit on the host PCB.”


Acuta A10415 is a high performance standard GPS antenna which operates at 1575MHz and suitable for L1-band GPS and A-GPS systems. Acuta is a reliable, cost effective and thinner option to larger, bulkier and more costly ceramic patch antennas. Acuta is a slim 25.0 x 5.0 x 4.0mm3 size standard GPS antenna intended for edge mounting by soldering directly onto the host PCB.


Devis Iellici, R&D Director of Antenova commented, “Acuta’s highly efficient patent pending antenna design is an innovative and lower cost antenna solution for addressing device requirements for thinner GPS antennas. The very slim Acuta allows a substantial reduction in the minimum thickness of the host device compared to a solution using a 12x12mm2 ceramic patch antenna. Acuta is intended to be mounted on the edge of the host device PCB, facing the sky, which provides an optimal upward hemispherical right hand circular polarization (RHCP) radiation pattern. Acuta also reduces the total bill of materials (BOM) as it eliminates the need for costly coaxial cables, RF connectors or mounting frames.”



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