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Nujira’s Breakthrough Technology to Reduce Cellular Basestation Costs

03 March 2003
Patent-Pending Technology Optimises Wireless Transmitter Efficiency

March 3, 2003 – Cambridge, United Kingdom – Nujira Ltd, a Cambridge start-up today announced their patent-pending power amplifier technology that can lead to significant reductions in basestation costs, a solution that will be welcomed by mobile infrastructure equipment manufacturers and operators.

In cellular basestations, practically all the power required is to support the power amplifier. By optimising the efficiency of wireless transmitters, Nujira’s technology reduces this power requirement by over 60%, resulting in knock on effects of reduced requirements for batteries, air conditioning units, power supply and physical space. “These indirect cost saving benefits have a very significant impact on the overall cost of a basestation,” said Tim Haynes, Nujira’s Managing Director. “It may not be sexy but it is a real solution to a real problem.”

“At a time where corporate imperatives are to increase cash flow and reduce capital expenditure, operators are applying even more pressure on the infrastructure providers to deliver more capacity for less cost. Breakthroughs in Cellular infrastructure performance are rare and seldom synonymous with cost savings. This is a great opportunity for Nujira as our technology significantly reduces network operating costs, thereby enabling both infrastructure providers and operators to improve their margins,” added Haynes.

Nujira is initially focussing on the cellular infrastructure market segment, but the technology can also be applied to mobile handsets, satcoms and point to point links. Haynes said “this technology could well have benefits in many markets where wireless equipment is battery powered or where power consumption is an issue - we have already had some interest from the satcoms industry.”

Details of the technique itself are not being revealed at this time; however, Nujira has filed for patents to protect its technology. But according to Haynes, “we have sought independent technical reviews from experts in the field of power amplifiers who have substantiated our technique and concluded it as novel. We are very pleased with their findings.”

Nujira’s seed funding was provided by the founders, and Haynes stated “our current funds will enable us to develop further prototypes to demonstrate the technique, however we shall be seeking our first external funding later this year to enable us to produce hardware suitable for initial customer trials.”

About Nujira Ltd

Nujira Ltd was founded by four ex-Symbionics/Tality staff and is lead by Tim Haynes, Managing Director. Nujira develops power amplifier related intellectual property for the wireless communications industry. Nujira’s initial focus is targeted on the Cellular Infrastructure Industry and addresses an ongoing and increasingly important problem of power consumption. Nujira’s IP enables significant reduction in the power consumption of RF transmitters and is ideally suited to battery driven equipment or applications in which power consumption is a major issue. For more information, visit


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