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Team Consulting Designs Award Winning Dispensing System

01 April 2004
Acclaimed J-flexTM/MC Ready-To-Dispense System Provides Greater Safety, Accuracy and Cost Savings

1 April 2004, Cambridge, England – Team Consulting Ltd, a leading product design and development consultancy, today announced a new dispensing system for concentrated cleaning chemicals designed in collaboration with JohnsonDiversey has won an award for Technical Innovation at the UK Starpack 2004 awards held on 30th March. The acclaimed dispensing system has been launched in the US with initial sales greatly exceeding targets. The new system is now available in the UK and other European markets.

Diluting cleaners and disinfectants at the point of use can be a challenge. Whether you want to fill a large floor cleaning machine or a hand-held trigger spray, it is important that the correct dilution ratio is achieved and filling completed easily and safely.

Team and JohnsonDiversey developed the system to meet this need. This low cost, maintenance-free disposable dispensing head and bottle system costs around 20 times less than conventional dispensing technology whilst delivering added functionality.

The chemicals are provided in stable, easy-to-handle bottles with a dispensing head attached. The user attaches the dispenser to the mains water supply with a hose using a standard garden hose connector, and can alter the water flow rate as appropriate for bucket fill or trigger spray fill, for example. The dilution rate is set by the manufacturer, and will be highly accurate over a range of water pressures. “Boost” and “rinse” facilities are provided to enable the user to increase the concentration of the product for difficult cleaning jobs and to dispense plain water when required.

The concentrated chemical products are contained safely, with tamper-resistance, and an anti-siphon mechanism prevents contamination of the water supply.

Other benefits of the J-flex system include:

• Greatly reduced product costs (and packaging waste) compared with ‘ready diluted’ product

• Greatly reduced storage and transport requirements due to small size compared with ‘ready diluted’ product (up to 1/500th the volume compared with similar products)

• Disposable product: no capital installation costs or maintenance needed

• User cannot use the wrong dilution rate by accident

• Bottle and dispenser integrated so the user has no contact with potentially hazardous chemical concentrates

• Enables dilution ratios between 1:5 and 1:1000

• Minimal training required.

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