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Nujira Demonstrates Ultra High Efficiency Power Amplifier

20 May 2004
Breakthrough Modulator Technology to Benefit WCDMA and OFDM Systems

20 May 2004, Cambridge, UK – Nujira Ltd, the Cambridge based company developing advanced power amplifier technology, today announced that it is demonstrating its industry leading system to customers. Nujira’s patent pending technology, which is suitable for WCDMA and OFDM modulation schemes, can deliver amplifier efficiencies of 35%.

Nujira's core technology advancement is the development of a modulator capable of delivering widely varying supply voltages and currents into an RF transistor load at very high accuracy and efficiency. The so called HAT (High Accuracy Tracking) system enables RF devices to be modulated on their drain in precise unison with the Radio Frequency envelope – the result being ultra high efficiency. This modulator is found at the heart of Envelope Tracking or Envelope Elimination and Restoration systems.

Tim Haynes, Nujira’s CEO, said “We are demonstrating a 20 Watt multi-carrier WCDMA amplifier using high accuracy envelope tracking. Delivering modulator efficiencies of over 90% at such high bandwidths and RF powers is the most difficult of scenarios, which is why this is such a truly remarkable achievement. Even in these extreme cases, efficiencies three times those of existing products are achievable.”

Nujira further claims that their ultra high efficient power amplifier technology is both frequency agnostic and scaleable for different power levels, and as such is suitable for many systems, including the much talked about WiMAX standard.

Samples of Nujira’s modulator technology will be available for selected customers in Q3 2004, with production units available in 2005. The first products have been designed for Power Amplifier vendors and OEMs for high power cellular infrastructure applications. A complete WCDMA PA reference design with lineariser will be available in Q4 2004.

Haynes concluded "Nujira has developed a real breakthrough in amplifier technology, and we are geared up to deliver this to the telecoms industry. Nujira is demonstrating that the poor efficiencies associated with WCDMA and OFDM systems need no longer be the case. The world of power amplifier design is about to change and Nujira is leading the way."

About Nujira Ltd

Nujira Ltd is a Cambridge based company developing power amplifier technology for the wireless communications industry. Nujira’s proprietary High Accuracy Tracking (HAT) technology enables ultra high efficiency amplifiers for a variety of systems, including WCDMA and OFDM systems. Nujira’s initial focus is targeted on the cellular infrastructure market, though the technology is generally frequency and standard agnostic. For further information please visit


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