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Antenova Acquires gigaAnt Business from Perlos Corporation

16 August 2005
Acquisition expands global sales channel and broadens short range wireless antenna offering

Cambridge, UK, August 16, 2005 --- Antenova Ltd, the integrated RF solutions company, announced today the acquisition of gigaAnt short range wireless antenna business from Perlos Corporation. The deal will provide an extended global sales channel for Antenova’s High Dielectric Antenna (HDA™) technology and RADIONOVA radio antenna modules and broaden Antenova’s product portfolio.

“gigaAnt develops antennas for short range wireless devices used in Bluetooth™, WiFi and WiMedia applications,” said Greg McCray, CEO Antenova, “The gigaAnt purchase enables us to give our customers access to a broader range of standard off-the-shelf antennas, which means faster time to market with an already field-proven antenna solution. The acquisition is part of Antenova’s strategy to focus growth in all the major global markets for mobile and data devices.”

Further details of the deal disclosed Antenova will acquire gigaAnt’s global sales channel which includes a world class set of global distributors and agents.

"We believe gigaAnt’s high quality and cost effective products are complimentary to Antenova’s innovative HDA™ antennas and RADIONOVA radio antenna module products,” stated Ric Roetering, vice president of sales and marketing, Perlos Corporation. “This deal allows Perlos to focus on its core business; e.g. design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical and electronic modules, including customized RF solutions, and opens the door for future cooperation between our companies in standard off-the-shelf antennas. We are confident that Antenova will be able to maximize the potential of its products and expanded sales channel to further grow its global business.”

McCray added,"Antenova is committed to satisfying the global handset, laptop and wireless consumer electronics markets by providing innovative, cost effective and highly efficient antenna products and integrated RF solutions. This acquisition, combined with Antenova’s industry-leading and patented HDA™ technology and RADIONOVA radio antenna modules will allow us to offer products that enable innovation and shorten time-to-market, and further position Antenova as the leading RF solutions company.”

About Antenova

Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of High Dielectric Antenna (HDA™) technology and integrated radio antenna products. Antenova provides antennas that are smaller, higher in efficiency and offer more robust performance for mobile handsets, PC cards and laptop applications. Antenova’s integrated RF antenna solutions enable rapid product development, from the R&D stage through to manufacturing and quality control. Antenova’s products are suitable for an extensive range of applications, including GSM and CDMA, 3G, GPS, 802.11 a/b/g and Bluetooth markets. For further information, please visit


Perlos Corporation, headquartered in Finland, is a global supplier for the telecommunications, healthcare, electronics and automotive industries. The company focuses on the design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical and electronic modules with strict requirements on accuracy and quality.

The net sales of Perlos Corporation in 2004 were EUR 561,6 million and the company employed 7,318 people at the end of June 2005. Perlos has operations in Brazil, China, Finland, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK and the USA. Perlos’ share is listed at the Main List of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.


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