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predicted to grow to over $2B by 2008. The Company has already secured major handset and module customers with their multiband antenna products, and is interesting key players with their next generation of integrated RF and antenna products.”

Marcus Scott, Antenova’s Chief

> Antenova Ltd
incomparable design flexibility, cost reduction and time to market advantages. Initial RADIONOVA products to be made available will be the multiband GSM and CDMA RADIONOVA modules, which will be followed by the UMTS RADIONOVA for 3G cellular and the multiband Wi-Fi
> Antenova Ltd

· Atheros Communications, for their PHS handset chip (AR1900)

· Microsoft, for their mobile OS (Windows Mobile 5.0)

· Microtune, for their multiband low-power DVB-H tuner (MT2260)

· Texas Instruments, for their DSP development suite (CC Studio Platinum)

· Lattice Semiconductor, for their crossover programmable

> Antenova Ltd
integrated radio antenna modules for the mobile device markets. Antenova's RADIONOVA product line not only includes a stable, high performing, multiband platform antenna, but also the radio components optimized and integrated into a single package that lowers the overall OEM development
> Antenova Ltd
of the most advanced wireless devices, smartphones and feature phones around the world. Antenova provides a range of high performance multiband antennas (3, 4, 5 and 7 bands) that are small, high in efficiency and offer robust performance for mobile handset,
> Antenova Ltd
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