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choice of wireless broadband connectivity options while providing superior performance. Antenova’s seven-band DATANOVA® antenna covers the CDMA/GSM, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi bands can be found in mobile broadband enabled notebook computers from leading vendors worldwide. And, the soon to be available
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evolving from a technology driven company to becoming a market leader with its patented HDA™ antenna products for cellular and WiFi products,” stated Dr Peter Radley. “I am proud of Antenova’s technical achievements and commercial successes and am extremely confident of
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“gigaAnt develops antennas for short range wireless devices used in Bluetooth™, WiFi and WiMedia applications,” said Greg McCray, CEO Antenova, “The gigaAnt purchase enables us to give our customers access to a

> Antenova Ltd
and more powerful notebook computers with integrated mobile broadband technology. The flexibility of our highly efficient seven-band antenna provides reliable WiFi and wireless WAN connectivity over a CDMA EVDO or 3G HSPDA network, depending on the region and cellular provider.”

McCray added,

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the first in our range of RF antenna modules, which will be followed by GSM/CDMA, 3G, dual-mode GPS/GSM and dual-mode WiFi/GSM RF antenna modules.”

Antenova will be demonstrating their GPS antenna solutions at 3GSM World Congress, Hall 1 Stand D58, in

> Antenova Ltd
the first in the range of RF antenna modules, which will be followed by GSM/CDMA, 3G, dual-mode GPS/GSM and dual-mode WiFi/GSM RF antenna modules.


McCray continued, “Our Chicago design and support center has just opened and is already supporting customers’ projects.

> Antenova Ltd
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